MotoTaste™ Dip Clip (2pcs) - fancyhomey
MotoTaste™ Dip Clip (2pcs) - fancyhomey
MotoTaste™ Dip Clip (2pcs) - fancyhomey
MotoTaste™ Dip Clip (2pcs) - fancyhomey

MotoTaste™ Dip Clip (2pcs)

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How secure is your sauce?

We believe that dipping sauces were made to go with nuggets and fries. For generations, humans had to choose between making a mess in their vehicle or consuming bland, sauce-free food. We were tired of standing by idly as the perfect union of fries and nuggets, and the precious sauces that compliment them, grew strained. So we created the MotoTaste™ dip clip to repair this relationship, reuniting ketchup with french fry, nugget with BBQ, and so on.

We designed the MotoTaste™ dip clip to fit just about any type of vehicle’s vent. You can use it in the front seats, or in the back seats to keep your kids from making a mess. As long as there is a vent to clip to, MotoTaste™ will work perfectly. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on a long road trip, or trying to squeeze lunch in during a busy day, MotoTaste™ will make your life so much more enjoyable. When you aren’t using it, you can easily stow it away in your car's glove box or center console.

We love sauces just as much as you do, which is why we over-engineered what most would consider simple, and perfected MotoTaste™ genius 5-in-1 sauce aperture. Model after model, 3D print after 3D print, down to the tenth of a millimeter precision for a snap-fit.

Is my sauce really secure?

In a word, YES! We hold all sauce and sauce accessories in the highest regard. The MotoTaste™ dip clip is designed to securely hold your sauce in place through almost any driving condition. The unique 5-in-1 aperture design not only allows you to enjoy sauces from a multitude of restaurants, but also holds the sauce containers snugly in place. The universal vent mount we’ve chosen is the best on the market, utilizing a 25% thicker gauge metal than a traditional vent mount typically uses. This ensures that MotoTaste™ will be securely fastened to the vent in just about any car.


  • 2 x MotoTaste Dip Clip